Being a Passfaster Driving Instructor

There has never been a better time to become an instructor in Liverpool. There is currently a massive shortage of instructors in the North West. Furthermore, due to an increase in the birth rate 17 years ago, as well as a huge increase in student population, there has never been so many people wanting to learn to drive. Because of the shortage of instructors and the huge influx of potential pupils the lesson prices have been pushed up year after year. The current hourly rate is £26 and this is due to be increased again before the summer.

Working as a Passfaster franchised instructor means you have the freedom to work the days, hours and areas that you want. We will introduce pupil to you until you are happy with the number of hours you are working. You can work around any commitments you may have school drop off times, shopping, dentist appointments, playing golf etc, It really is that simple you are self employed and as long as you are doing enough hours to suit your lifestyle you can work as much or as little as you wish. We don’t have any contract, and you are free to leave whenever you wish.

You can speak to any of our current instructors to see what they think about the Job and our Company. We currently have 40 instructors covering from Southport to Widnes, some of them have been working for Passfaster for over 15 years! We pride ourselves on being extremely fair to our instructors and to our pupils. You don’t need to call in the office each week to “clock in”, we can deal with most things over the phone or via text/email leaving you more time to do lessons. We will provide you with pupils that suit your needs eg if you live in Mossley Hill we wouldn’t expect you to do a lesson in Norris Green. You provide your own car and can therefore have any car you wish (within reason) we don’t put any Logos on your car so when you are not working it is just your normal car. We have a very competitive franchise, currently £90 per week with 3 weeks holiday a year, you will only start to pay this once we have introduced enough pupils to you that we are both happy. You don’t pay anything extra for pupils we introduce, they are your pupils. We currently do lots of week courses so ther is always the potential to work more hours one week if you wanted to earn extra money for a Holiday coming up or just before Christmas etc, You can take days off whenever you wish you don’t need to tell us when you are working or not. We advertise on local radio, social media and are always top of Google in order to make sure that we always have pupils available for our instructors. Currently you could earn over £35,00 doing a 35hr week before tax with the potential to earn more.