About Us | Driving Instructor Training Liverpool

Passfaster is the biggest driving school in the Liverpool area. It is a family run local company that has been established for over 20 years and we currently have 40 instructors working for us, many of whom have been with us for more than 10 years. Currently every single one of our instructors is fully booked and this has been the case for more than a year. Because of this we are having to turn away scores of would be customers every day. Driving schools across the country are experiencing the same thing as there is a nationwide shortage of instructors. As a result of this there are many, many people who wish to learn to drive but simply can’t find an instructor who can take them on. The supply and demand situation also mean that lesson prices have been pushed up so there really hasn’t been a better time to train to become an instructor.

Our aim is to train you to become an excellent instructor who will hopefully wish to stay with our company. The vast majority of our trainees stay with us as they know that we are an established and trustworthy company whom they can rely on to provide them a steady flow of work and treat them very fairly. Ideally, we would like train you to become fully qualified as quickly as possible but the training can be done at your own pace around your current job/commitments. On successful completion of the course we will guarantee to offer you the opportunity to work as a Passfaster Instructor.

Working as a driving instructor enables you to be your own boss, work the hours that you choose and be rewarded for your efforts. Helping a novice gain the necessary skills to become a full license holder is both very rewarding and extremely satisfying.

As a self-employed driving instructor, the hours you choose to work are completely up to you. Because you are your own boss, you also decide on the days you work; some instructors work at weekends and have a day off in the week, others never work at weekends preferring to spend time with their families. Some have a second job so they organize their lessons around their other job. Some are happy to work early mornings to give people lessons before they go to work , others prefer to start later in the day and work into the evening when there a great demand for lessons. It really is different for every instructor.